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Information about cross stitch

How to cross stitch

The Chart
The chart is normally divided up into a grid of squares. Each colour is represented by a symbol, and there is a "colour key" which shows you which symbol represents each colour.
To Start
It is best to centre the cross stitch design by starting in the middle so that your stitching fits onto the piece of fabric without going off to one side. An easy way to do this is to lightly fold the fabric in four to find the centre point. This point should coincide with the centre of the chart, which is normally marked with arrows at the top, bottom and sides. The centre of the design is normally the best place to start stitching. The stranded cotton threads (floss) are made up of six strands. Seperate out into 2 strands for stitching. The colour key shows which shade of cotton to use for each symbol on the chart.

Start Stitching
To begin the cross stitch, thread your needle and bring it up through the fabric, leaving a short end of cotton at the back, and work over this with your first few stitches to secure it. When there are enough stitches in place you can start off a new colour by first running it through the back of the existing stitches. To finish a colour, run your cotton under several stitches at the back to secure it.

Stitch your crosses from left to right and make sure your stitches all go in the same direction.

When there is more than one stitch of a colour in a row then do all the bottom stitches first taking care that they all point in the same direction to the right, and then complete the stitch by stitching the top stitch by stitching to the left.


About computer generated cross stitch
Working with computer generated cross stitch patterns is not much different, than working the conventional cross stitch pattern. Most people think that working with computer generated cross stitch is hard, there are more pages in the chart, but the finished design is worth the time that is put into the project! When you first get the design, you will think, this is impossible, I will never get this done. But it does go fast, and when you see the image appearing you will want to work harder to finish the design. 
We have completed designs that are available to view in Customer Photo's and Comments, we have also stitched our two dogs
Cross stitch designs from www.pattern-makeruk.com
If you are looking for a unique design to cross stitch for yourself, friend or family member then you are bound to find what you are looking for. Charts and kits that range from cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, primates, wildlife and other animals, celebrities, fantasy (including dragons and fairies) and landscapes